Zak Knight Fundraiser Preview – 14/10/17

The Canary Kid versus Bash
Hot Stuff trades in the flames to bring back the yellow and green livery of the Canary Kid for one night only. Although they may be on the same page nowadays, it only seems appropriate that the return of the Carrow Road hero should be against his former adversary Bash.

Nemesis versus PJ Knight
Nemesis finally gets a chance to deal some justice to PJ Knight, who betrayed a friend’s trust when he violently attacked Nemesis during an encounter with Old School. Though PJ has escaped retribution thus far, he won’t be able to run when the two stand opposite each other in this match.

Jason Digby versus Battlekat CT
Academy champion Jason Digby looks to assert his dominance atop the Academy roster with a victory over one of WAW’s top young prospects. Battlekat CT has shown unmatched dedication to the art of wrestling and could use this opportunity to springboard himself into a stronger position.

Alex Young and Dean Hines versus Roy Knight and Tommy Lee
After Tommy Lee’s surprise appearance at last weekend’s Academy show, saving longtime rival Roy Knight from an attack at the hands of Alex Young, it was revealed that the man with the Midas touch would be teaming with Roy to deal with the pesky referee Dean Hines, who will be forced to wear a dress AND enter a rumble match later that night as the first entrant. Though Young initially refused to enter the match he was informed that he will be fired should he fail to appear. It remains to be seen whether the Chosen One will fulfill his contractual obligation to compete but the dilemma must be a difficult one.

Ruffneck versus Kenny Killbaine versus Will Kroos
Three heavyweights collide as Will Kroos makes his debut against Kenny Killbaine and hardcore veteran Ruffneck. Ruffneck surprised the world when he replaced the injured Zak Knight in a tag team match last month and appears have mended his relationship with his former foe as he appears on this special night.

Chic Cullen versus Jimmy Ocean in a British Rules match
The World of Sport comes back to life as the legendary Chic Cullen returns to the ring against the equally renowned Jimmy Ocean in a British Rules match. Watch the two Old School veterans demonstrate the true British style of wrestling as they look for an advantage in this classic contest.

Robbie Dynamite versus Ricky Knight Jr
The future comes knocking to challenge the present as inaugural Television champion Ricky Knight Jr takes on Robbie Dynamite in honour of a family member and friend. RKJ’s uncle has had a huge influence on the early stages of his career and laid the foundations for bright future for the third generation of the Knight Dynasty. Meanwhile, Dynamite has a long history with Zak Knight at shows throughout the UK, making this match a perfect representation of just how important the Highlight is to British wrestling.

Axl Lynch, SAS and Brad O’Brien versus Brad Slayer, Peter Nixon and Milky O’Hagan in a Tables match
Six men put their bodies on the line in tag action as former Metalhead Axl Lynch makes a special return to the ring after four years away. Lynch will be joined by Open Light Heavyweight champion Brad O’Brien and former Academy champion SAS. Facing them will be former Undisputed World Heavyweight champion Brad Slayer and O’Brien’s former friends Peter Nixon and Milky O’Hagan. Though O’Brien is currently the champion, we could see a title change 24 hours before this event when Nixon challenge O’Brien for the title in Thetford. Regardless of the outcome of that match, both men will be keen to send the other crashing through a table this Saturday.


By Dan Nash