Zak Knight Fundraiser Full Results – 14/10/17

– KOSS interrupted a standing ovation for Zak Knight dressed as the UK Hooligans and proceeded to insult the former World Tag Team champions. As Kosta K was ripping into the Knight Dynasty, Ricky Knight himself made his way out to shut the imitating duo up. Ricky defended his son and chastised the two “idiots” in the ring with him. He added that he had originally only intended to enter the rumble match, but that he now wanted to challenge KOSS to a tag team match alongside his thirty year partner with whom he had travelled the entire world. When the crowd began to chant for the Ricky’s Superflys tag team partner, Jimmy Ocean, the Rowdy Man pointed out that Jimmy already has a match scheduled for later tonight and that he would instead by joined by his wife, Saraya Knight.

1. KOSS Industries [Kosta K and Prince Malik] defeated The Knight Dynasty [Ricky Knight and Saraya Knight] by pinfall when Malik pinned Saraya when he used the ropes for leverage.

2.The Canary Kid with Crystal Clear defeated Bash by pinfall after Bash hit himself with his baseball bat when it rebounded off the ropes.

3. PJ Knight defeated Nemesis by pinfall to advance to the second round of the WAW32 tournament.

4. Battlekat CT defeated Jason Digby by pinfall.

– Jason Digby attacked Battlekat CT, unable to accept the fact that he had lost the match before he had removed his entrance jacket.

– Tommy Lee addressed Dean Hines, telling him not to run away with his tail between his legs but to get in the ring and take his beating like a man.

5. Roy Knight and Tommy Lee with Summer defeated Alex Young and Dean Hines by pinfall when Roy pinned Young in a Hardcore match. During the match, Dean Hines attacked referee David Finch. Tommy Lee and Dean Hines brawled up the ramp and disappeared backstage. KOSS Industries attacked Roy Knight and left Young to put Roy through a table but Zak Knight stopped the Chosen One and powerbombed him through a table. As a result, Hines will be forced to wear a dress and enter the rumble as the #1 entrant.

– Roy Knight thanked everyone, from the roster to the backstage crew to the entire roster, for coming together at such short notice. Zak Knight took the microphone and explained that he had been told by his doctors that he may never been the same again, but that he would be fighting hard to pull through everything no matt what and was grateful for the sheer amount of loving support he felt he has received in the last few weeks. Zak thanked his brother for fighting through his own personal demons to organise such an amazing night and help him provide for his family in a time of need.

6. Ruffneck defeated Kenny Killbaine and Will Kroos by pinfall when he pinned Killbaine in a Street Fight to become the #1 contender to the WAW British Heavyweight Championship.

7. Chic Cullen with Keegan defeated Jimmy Ocean with Nemesis by pinfall.

8. Ricky Knight Jr defeated Robbie Dynamite by pinfall.

9. Axl Lynch, SAS and Brad O’Brien defeated Brad Slayer, Peter Nixon and Milky O’Hagan in an Elimination Tables match when O’Brien last eliminated Nixon.
– Lynch eliminated O’Hagan.
– Slayer eliminated SAS.
– O’Brien eliminated Slayer.
– Nixon eliminated Lynch.
– O’Brien grabbed a microphone and announced that he was cashing in his title rematch for the Open Light Heavyweight Championship
– O’Brien eliminated Nixon to win the WAW Open Light Heavyweight Championship.

10. King Kendo won a Rumble match by last eliminating Villman.


By Dan Nash and Imogen Overy