World Title Tournament Round One: An Insight, Part Four

Robin Lekime (1st ranked) versus Aaron Sharp (2nd ranked) 
Perhaps the most highly anticipated first round match up is the shocking pairing of the tournament’s top two ranked entrants. European Heavyweight Champion Robin Lekime and British Heavyweight Champion Aaron Sharp arwere originally considered by the WAW Championship Committee as the two most likely competitors to claim the Undisputed World Heavyweight title in December, but one of them will be eliminated by the other at the first hurdle while the other goes on as the clear favourite to win the entire tournament. Lekime and Sharp have had an interesting relationship, mainly as rivals but occasionally finding themselves on the same page to fight a common enemy. What should be clear though is that both men will be giving it their all to progress into the second round, and that this match could become a bloodbath.

Rishpal Singh (31st ranked) versus The Morning Star (18th ranked) 
With his career so far primarily being spent in the tag team division, Rishpal Singh will likely face considerable difficulty in overcoming the monstrous Morning Star in order to progress. Despite the odds though, Rishpal has stated his desire to prove his worth as a singles competitor and should put up a good fight. With Morning Star’s Sigma allies always a threat to his opponents Rishpal may need to call upon his brother Onkar to help even the odds should anyone try to interfere.

Hot Stuff (15th ranked) versus Nocturne (30th ranked) 
Hot Stuff is one of the most experienced wrestlers on the WAW roster and has plenty of history with winning titles as both a singles and tag team competitor. With his strong ranking in relation to first round opponent, as well as the added benefit of Old School support, Hot Stuff should stand a good chance of making it into the second round. But a big factor which has to be considered in this contest is the sheer size and intimidation factor of opponent Nocturne. The Sigma member has proven his destructive nature and will be a strong challenge for his much smaller opponent to deal with.

Onkar Singh (32nd ranked) versus The Phantom (21st ranked)
Onkar Singh faces the staunch task of being ranked below all 31 other participants in the tournament, giving him an uphill struggle regardless of who he was drawn against. But the prospect of facing the lowest ranking entrant could lull his opponent, Phantom, into a sense of complacency which could be enough for Onkar to create an upset and make it into the second round. Though Onkar will be unable to rely on the usual support from tag team partner and brother Rishpal, the two siblings will still benefit each other through moral support, another factor which could disrupt the Phantom’s plans to progress.


By Dan Nash