World Title Tournament Round One; An Insight, Part Two

Nemesis (27th ranked) versus PJ Knight (12th ranked)
PJ Knight shocked everyone last month when he brutally attacked Nemesis with his grandfather Ricky Knight, taking advantage of their former friendship to strike when Nemesis’ guard was down. That night Nemesis swore revenge and now he has the opportunity to put the third generation Knight in his place by eliminating him at the first hurdle on the road towards the World Heavyweight Championship.

Keegan (20th ranked) versus Brad Slayer (3rd ranked) 
Brad Slayer began 2017 as the Undisputed World Heavyweight Champion and is one of the favourites to end the year in the same position as the third ranked competitor. His opponent, Keegan, finds himself in the unfortunate position of having the lowest rank compared to his opponent out of all 32 entrants, but the second-generation pedigree wrestler will be looking to cause an upset and make a name for himself by defeating the most recent British wrestler to hold the World title.

Battlekat CT (28th ranked) versus Alex Drooge (22th ranked) 
Battlekat CT is the youngest entrant in the tournament but has the most to prove as an eager young high flyer looking to assert his place alongside larger heavyweight competitors such as his first round opponent, Alex Drooge. This contest will be a tough one for the young battlekat as Drooge was one of the first wrestlers to put his name forward for the vacant World Heavyweight title and is clearly ready for “bitva” in pursuit of championship gold.

Kip Sabian (10th ranked) versus Hallows (14th ranked) 
Could 2017 be the year of Special Edition? It would certainly seem that way if former Open Light Heavyweight Champion Kip Sabian goes all the way to end the year holding the same belt his tag team partner Brad Slayer held at the beginning of the year. But the final is a long way off yet and first Sabian will have to make it past Sigma’s frighteningly sadistic resident clown Hallows. Hallows showed very little interest in acquiring championship gold before joining Sigma but now appears to be focused on asserting the group’s dominance on WAW’s title scene.


By Dan Nash