WAW Under-23 Championship

The WAW Under-23 Championship honours the best young wrestlers on the WAW roster. Wrestlers can only challenge for the title prior to their 23rd birthday, though an existing champion may continue defending it until the day before they turn 24, a feat which has so far only been accomplished by Kip Sabian. So far every former WAW Under-23 title holders has gone on to win several other titles throughout their careers.

Current Champion
PJ Knight: December 18th 2016 to Present

Previous Champion
Ricky Knight Jr: December 5th 2015 to December 18th 2016 – 379 days

Most Reigns
All champions tied on 1 reign

Longest Total Reign
Kip Sabian – 871 days over 1 reign

Longest Single Reign
Kip Sabian – 871 days

Past Champions
1. Scott Fusion: March 25th 2007 to June 1st 2008 – 434 days
2. Aron Frost: June 1st 2008 to February 7th 2010 – 623 days
– Vacated when Aron Frost won the WAW European Heavyweight Championship.
3. Jo FX: February 14th 2010 to August 3rd 2010 – 180 days
– Vacated when Jo FX failed to defend the title within 180 days.
4. Alex Young: January 9th 2011 to July 16th 2011 – 188 days
– Vacated when Alex Young won the WAW British Light Heavyweight Championship.
5. Chuck Cyrus: July 23rd 2011 to September 24th 2012 – 429 days
– Vacated when Chuck Cyrus left WAW.
6. Kip Sabian: December 9th 2012 to May 19th 2015 – 871 days
– Vacated when Kip Sabian exceeded the title’s age limit restrictions.
7. Ricky Knight Jr: December 5th 2015 to December 18th 2016 – 379 days