WAW TV Title Tournament Entrants Revealed

With WAW’s growing television presence the Championship Committee has authorised the creation of the Television Championship, to be awarded to the winner of an eight man tournament taking place at Epic Studios, Norwich in September. The WAWCC has chosen eight of the most prominent singles wrestlers to have competed on WAW TV, all of whom are current or former champions themselves. Which of these men will capture the WAW TV title?

Ruffneck versus Sonny Smasher
Former British Heavyweight Champion Ruffneck will be looking to pummel former Academy Champion Sonny Smasher into oblivion on his way to claiming another championship. Though Smasher is known for his high flying and technical prowess he will be more than happy to meet Ruffneck’s brawling style with his own fists in a match which could end violently.

Brad Slayer versus Aaron Sharp
Former Undisputed World Heavyweight Champion Brad Slayer once again meets British Heavyweight Champion Aaron Sharp inside the ring, where only one of the country’s best heavyweights will advance into the semi finals. Though Slayer is currently on the sidelines due to injury he is expected to be fit to compete come September, but will be replaced by a reserve entry should he remain injured. After turning his back on the fans Sharp will be keen to prove that their support is irrelevant by punishing the popular Slayer in pursuit of a second belt.

Brad O’Brien versus Robin Lekime
European Heavyweight Champion Robin Lekime is perhaps the favourite in this tournament due to the momentum behind him after destroying the Midas Stable from within and his eyes firmly set on eventually stepping up to challenge for the Undisputed World Heavyweight title. His opponent, former Open Light Heavyweight Champion Brad O’Brien, could also go into the tournament holding gold thanks to his Sky’s The Limit contract, but first needs to overcome a minor injury before being cleared to compete.

Ricky Knight versus Ricky Knight Jr
All eyes will be looking to see which of these two men triumph after Ricky Knight Jr defied his grandfather and his former Old School team mates to help the UK Hooligans reclaim the World Tag Team titles last month, a retaliation for Ricky Sr assaulting his grandson after his loss to father Roy Knight. This quarter final match gives the third generation wrestler a chance to prove his worth as the future of British wrestling and the superiority of new school over Old School once and for all.

Open Light Heavyweight Champion Peter Nixon and Under-23 Champion PJ Knight have been placed on standby to replace any entrants who are unable to compete on the day itself.

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By Dan Nash