WAW Awards 2016: Part 2

Wrestler of the Year: Ricky Knight Jr
Ricky Knight Jr was on a roll throughout 2016, featuring in singles matches against top names including Jesus Rodriguez, King Kendo, and Matt Hart. The Battlekats also looked to be on the verge of breaking out as a top team with a strong chance at winning the WAW World Tag Team titles in the near future. Ricky Jr captured the WAW Under-23 Championship just before the beginning of the year and held onto his title until December, adding the WAW Open Light Heavyweight title to his collection in the process, and his decision to betray his father and uncle and join Old School made him a World Tag Team Champion thanks to the Freebird Rule. His former tag team partner PJ Knight was able to beat him for the WAW Under-23 title at our final show of the year but Ricky Jr’s impressive year had already proven him to be our 2016 Wrestler of the Year.

Most Value for Money: The UK Hooligans
The UK Hooligans entertain fans wherever they go; from Norwich to Hannover to Preston they have put their bodies on the line to ensure that each and every paying fan goes home satisfied. Both Zak and Roy Knight are capable of outwrestling their opponents but choose to add some fun into their matches for the crowd’s benefit and enjoy every moment of it. That isn’t to say they don’t put up a good fight, however, as both brothers also provide enough intensity in the ring to take on opponents of any size and fame. Thanks to their simply unique personalities The UK Hooligans are clearly the Most Value for Money part of every WAW event.

Bellatrix Warrior of the Year: Lory
2016 saw Lory reach the pinnacle of her career so far when she captured the Bellatrix World Championship from Sammi Baynz during the summer. Since then she has established herself as a true fighting champion, taking on all comers including international superstars like Lisa Marie and Mickie James. Despite these great challengers the Bellatrix World title has remained around Lory’s waist and shows no sign of going anywhere soon.

Tag Team of the Year: The UK Hooligans
When The UK Hooligans and Special Edition collided to unify the RQW European Tag Team and WAW British Tag Team titles it was already clear that two of British wrestling’s top teams were meeting. After the match, which became an immediate contender for match of the year, concluded with The UK Hooligans being named the WAW World Tag Team Champions, both Zak and Roy Knight continued to prove that they are one of the best tag teams in the world by beating any and all comers.

Match of the Year: The UK Hooligans versus The Superflys in a Hardcore Steel Cage match at Epic Studios, Norwich (July 2nd 2016)
When two Knights enter a wrestling ring on opposite sides you can guarantee that blood will be spilled and this match was no different. Four vicious men stepped inside a steel cage filled with weapons and went on to have what was considered the best WAW match of 2016. The match ended with splintered weapons and battered bodies strewn across the ring but what mattered most was that the Epic Studios crowd had just witnessed their favourite match of the year.


By Dan Nash