WAW Awards 2016: Part 1

Outside Wrestler of the Year: Mr Anderson
Though Mr Anderson only spent one day as the WAW Undisputed World Heavyweight Champion in 2016, his attitude and highly entertaining entrances were enough to help him secure the hearts of the WAW audience and their votes for Outside Wrestler of the Year.

Breakout Star of the Year: Sonny Smasher
Sonny Smasher won the WAW Academy title in January 2016 and spent the rest of the year as a true fighting champion. With Smasher once again acknowledging the importance of his mentor Zak Knight’s teachings, Sonny was able to stand toe to toe with top names including Sean Waltman and King Kendo, and proved that he has an even brighter future ahead of him.

Rookie of the Year: Battlekat CT
Battlekat CT showed that only the best young wrestlers earn the privilege of becoming a Battlekat, and only looks to improve with each year as his death-defying high flying abilities are combined with an uncanny technical knowledge for such a young age.

Non-Wrestler of the Year: Terry Gauci
MC Terry Gauci is an absolute crowd-pleaser and his interactions with our live audience have earned him a permanent place in their hearts, in addition to his ring announcing role. Gauci’s willingness to add a little Norman Wisdom-style physical humour into his routine’s always draw a laugh and his friendly and welcoming demeanour help even the newest WAW fans feel welcome.

James Chilvers Inspiration Award: Roy Knight
Roy Knight has been through many ups and downs throughout his career but the upward momentum that he accomplished through 2016 provides motivation for all that, no matter what life throws at you, fortitude and a desire to keep on going for those you love can conquer every challenge. For this, we honour Roy with the 2016 James Chilvers Inspiriation Award.


By Dan Nash