Training with WAW

The WAW Academy is the longest running wrestling training school in Europe and offers comprehensive training in the field of professional wrestling. Classes are available for every skill level; from full time pros looking to add to their knowledge all the way down to youngsters looking for a foot in the door of the business.

WAW Youth Club

Monday and Wednesday 6-8 for all levels of student. Age is 6-16. Cost is £3 per session with a full monthly attendance incentive of a refund to leave the cost at only 20 per child. Trainers are Zak, Saraya Knight, Ricky Knight Jnr, Axl Lynch and many other guest trainers. The first session is a free taster to see if the child enjoys it.

A Youth Club for children aged 6 to 16 is held from 6pm till 8pm every Monday and Wednesday at just £3 per session and a 100% monthly attendance discount to just £20 for our most eager students. In addition to this low cost and attendance reward, each child’s first session is available competely free as a taster to find out whether they enjoy it. The Youth Club’s regular trainers are Zak Knight, Saraya Knight, Ricky Knight Jr, and Axl Lynch, all of whom are DBS checked. Special guest trainers also occasionally drop in to provide further knowledge alongside the regular trainers to provide an unrivalled experience for young aspiring wrestlers.

Beginners Weekend Camps

Our Beginner’s weekends are perfect for anyone over the age of 14 looking to make a start in the business. All the fundamentals of wrestling are taught with a focus on British-style technical wrestling. These two day classes are open to both male and female trainees, and teach basic wrestling, breakfalls, selling, promos, and confidence. It should be noted that these classes are intensely physical and will be difficult at first, so please keep this in mind when you arrive. It is also important to know that egos are not tolerated and we expect respect to be shown to fellow trainees and trainers. If you are able to handle both the physical and mental challenges then wrestling can be the most fulfilling occupation you can undertake. The two day course costs £70 but after three months you will be eligible for our contract price of £50 a month for six months. As with any contractual gym membership you will still be required to pay your fees if you do not attend. The Saturday session takes place at Grappler’s Gym and the Sunday session at Breckland Community Centre where we hold our Academy Shows, which you are welcome to stay and watch for free. The aim of our Beginner’s class is to prepare you for our advanced training and when trainers feel the time is right you will be promoted to the Advanced class.

Advanced Weekend Camps

As well as those promoted from the Beginner’s class, our Advanced camps are available to pros on the circuit looking to sharpen their skills or add new elements to their in ring performances. Both days of these courses take place at Breckland Community Centre. These sessions also cost £70 for two days, and again the six month contract is available after three months at a cost of just £40 a month. Added features of the Advanced class include fresh meals prepared on site available to purchase in the lunch hour at £2 per portion and guest trainers from all over the world, as well as the option of attending extra seminars with world class performers many of whom have performed in Japan or for WCW, ECW, TNA, and WWE.

The aim of our Advanced class is to prepare you to work on the independent circuit, which we do with our five stage grading system:

Ungraded – Trainees newly promoted from the Beginner’s class.
C Grade – You are prepared to perform on WAW Academy Shows.
B Grade – You are prepared to wrestle on WAW main roster shows.
A Grade – You are prepared to wrestle for other companies around the country.
A+ Grade – You are recognised as a professional wrestler ready to wrestle anywhere in the world.
A+ Grade Wrestlers are also eligible to train further and become recognsied coaches with the full backing of the Knight Family.

Both Beginner’s and Advanced training fees include access to our full time Grappler’s Gym facility, open Monday to Saturday 9am to 8pm, fitted with a weight room, cardiovascular equipment, a tanning bed, and two permanent training rings where one on one training is also available. We also provide information on fitness, diet, weight training, and flexibility. All of which will help make you a better wrestler.
Regular trainers include: Sweet Saraya, Ricky Knight, Roy Knight, Zak Knight, and Karl Kramer.