Thetford Results – 13/10/17

– It was announced Saraya Knight had failed her pre-match medical and would be replaced by Innocence in her match tonight against Violet O’Hara.

1. Paddy Taggart defeated Drew Marshall by pinfall.

2. King Kendo defeated PJ Knight by pinfall.

3. The Knight Dynasty [Ricky Knight, Roy Knight and Ricky Knight Jr] defeated Sigma [Morningstar, Gorgon and Villman] by pinfall when RKJ pinned Villman.

4. Violet O’Hara defeated Innocence by disqualification when referee Andrew Cox reversed the decision after Innocence pinned O’Hara while using the ropes for leverage.

5. Peter Nixon defeated Brad O’Brien (c) by pinfall to win the WAW Open Light Heavyweight Championship. O’Brien’s foot was under the rope when the pinfall was counted.

6. The Phantom defeated Nick Barnes by pinfall after hitting a low blow.

– Senior referee David Finch came out from backstage and ordered the match to be restarted as he had witnessed the low blow.

6. Nick Barnes defeated The Phantom by pinfall.

– Sigma surrounded the ring as Nick Barnes celebrated his victory and cornered him in the ring. Roy Knight and RKJ hit the ringside area to even the odds by brawling with Morningstar and Villman out of the hall, leaving Barnes and Gorgon staring each other down in the ring. Barnes acknowledged that he had just wrestled his last match in Thetford before returning to the United States next month, but that he still had time for one more match, challenging Gorgon to a singles contest in Diss next Friday.


By Dan Nash