Thetford Preview – 30/06/17

Old School [Ricky Knight, Jimmy Ocean and Hot Stuff] versus The UK Hooligans [Zak and Roy Knight] and Nemesis
Nemesis joins the UK Hooligans following his triumphant return to the ring after a brief retirement due to mounting injuries. Old School will be looking to cut his return short and send Nemesis back to the sidelines but his tenacity should complement the Hooligans hard-hitting style to put up a tough fight against the wiley veterans.

Nick Barnes versus Aaron Sharp
Local favourite Nick Barnes takes on British Heavyweight Champion Aaron Sharp whose recent self-centred streak will likely see the crowd unite behind their American representative. Though Barnes is not yet eligible to challenge for the British title due to residency requirements, the day is drawing nearer and a non-title win over the current champion would immediately make him a top contender.

King Kendo versus The Phantom
The Phantom has found himself against a string of top level opponents each time we visit Thetford, and often finds himself on the receiving end of a brutal beating. It can be said, however, that continued matches against these experienced opponents will help improve his own skills and could eventually result in an upset victory. Could this be that time?

Alex Young versus Ricky Knight Jr versus Peter Nixon
A guaranteed crowd pleaser, this high flying three way will be so energetic that your eyes may not even be able to keep up with the action. Alex Young will be keen to exact revenge on his former partner Ricky Knight Jr and establish himself as a contender for Peter Nixon’s Open Light Heavyweight title, while Ricky Jr will be hoping for a victory over the Chosen One to cement his departure from Old School in style, as well as positioning himself to regain the title he lost earlier this year with a win over his successor. Nixon, as usual, will be ecstatic performing in front of some of his most dedicated fans and validating his place at the top of WAW’s Light Heavyweight division.

Juventud Guerrera versus Jonny Storm
Mexican superstar Juventud Guerrera will make his WAW debut against another high flying veteran in the form of Jonny Storm. Expect a showcase of decades worth of wrestling expertise as the might of Mexican lucha takes on British cruiserweight perfection.

Leia Elise versus El Laluna
Bellatrix also brings you a battle between Mexico and Britain as El Laluna takes on the bruising Leia Elise as these two young Warriors look to position themselves above the other in the Bellatrix pecking order. This match could go either way with Laluna able to take advantage of her unorthodox lucha style, but her larger opponent being able to withstand a significant amount of damage and still deliver powerful blows.


By Dan Nash