Thetford Preview – 13/10/17

Sigma [Hallows, Morningstar and Gorgon] versus The Knight Dynasty [Ricky Knight, Roy Knight and Ricky Knight Jr]
Sigma’s dominance over the WAW roster has been so great that the generational rift within the Knight Dynasty may have been resolved after Roy invited his father to join himself and son Ricky Knight Jr in teaching a lesson to the World Tag Team champions and their associate, Gorgon. When the Knights have been a unified front in the past they have proven to be an incredibly strong unit, perhaps the only group capable of standing up to Sigma as they continue to disrupt matches through interference.

Drew Marshall versus Paddy Taggart
The pride of Scotland is on the line as Drew Marshall looks to silence Paddy Taggart. Though both men are proud of their highland heritage, Taggart has shown a recent but effective willingness to pander to English audiences, giving Marshall good reason to teach his compatriot a lesson.

PJ Knight versus King Kendo
PJ Knight has recently proclaimed his superiority over tag team partner Battlekat CT and will finally have a chance to prove it in singles action. Unfortunately for the third generation wrestler, his opportunity comes against former European Heavyweight champion King Kendo. Kendo will have a significant size advantage going into the match but young PJ has proven himself willing to bend the rules in his favour, which could provide the chance to “prove” his talent.

Saraya Knight versus Violet O’Hara
Violet O’Hara continues her good form since returning to the ring last month but will face a huge challenge this Friday in the form of former SHIMMER Champion Saraya Knight. Saraya has been known to surprise her opponents with moves long forgotten by others, giving no chance of escape should the Pocket Princess fall into her snare.

Nick Barnes versus The Phantom
US Airman Nick Barnes faces the devious Phantom in front of his adopted hometown audience for bragging rights in this singles contest. The Phantom has lurked in the shadows clinging onto his Television Championship match contract but will have nowhere to hide this Friday at the Carnegie Room with the entire crowd fully behind his opponent.

Brad O’Brien (c) versus Peter Nixon for the WAW Open Light Heavyweight Championship
Peter Nixon scored a non-title victory over his former friend turned bitter enemy Brad O’Brien at the most recent Academy show, giving him the weight to demand his title rematch from the WAW Championship Committee despite the champion’s protests. It seems as though Nixon triumphs whenever the fight remains fair, but will Nixon reclaim the gold or will O’Brien sneak out of Thetford with the title belt still in his possession?


By Dan Nash