September To Remember Evening Show Full Results – 16/09/17

Full results from the afternoon event of September to Remember at Epic Studios, Norwich. Streaming live on FITE TV, join us now by clicking HERE.

– Footage of Commissioner Scott Hall calling SoCal Val aired, with Hall asking Val for her help in taking more control of WAW to help it grow into a global brand with an American touch, for the benefit of the entire Knight Dynasty. Val accepted the offer on the condition that she be well compensated and taken care of. Commissioner Hall informed Val that her demands would be met and more.

– Commissioner Scott Hall welcomed Jack Swagger to WAW only for Swagger to suckerpunch and the attack the Commissioner until Cody Hall, Swagger’s opponent for tonight, came out to save his father while Swagger bailed and fled backstage.

1. Brad O’Brien (c) defeated Kip Sabian, The Rocket, PJ Knight, Mr Williams and Peter Nixon by pinfall when he pinned Mr Williams to retain the WAW Open Light Heavyweight Championship. Nixon ambushed O’Brien before the match and chased him backstage after the champion successfully escaped with his title.

2. Bash (c) defeated Demolition Davies, Kenny Killbaine and Doug Williams when he submitted Killbaine to retain the ECTA Heavyweight Championship.

3. The Superflys [Ricky Knight and Jimmy Ocean] defeated King Kendo and Nemesis by pinfall when Knight pinned Kendo.

– Mitchell Starr came out to the ring carrying the WAW Television Championship and welcomed everyone to the inaugural Mitchell’s Moment. He introduced his first ever guest, the only confirmed finalist in the title tournament, Ricky Knight Jr. Starr teased that RKJ would be awarded the championship but that instead his second guest would be the third generation wrestler’s new opponent. The crowd erupted when RKJ’s father Roy Knight made his way to the ring, as Starr revealed that Roy would be facing his son for the title later tonight. RKJ welcomed the challenge but remained confident he would leave with the belt. Roy added that he had lost his tag team titles and his tag team partner tonight, so he wanted to make things right by walking away with singles gold. Starr tried to stir some tension between the two Knights but failed to draw a reaction, only to hit Roy after the father and son embraced and blamed RKJ for his own actions. Roy fell for the trick and slapped his son in “retaliation” for the supposed disrespect, causing RKJ to leave the ring with a sour taste in his mouth.

4. Sigma [Hallows, Morning Star and Gorgon] versus Team EWW [Dominator, Titan and AWOL] with Skarlett ended in a double disqualification when both teams continued brawling in the ring against referee Scott Edgar’s demands to return to their corners.

– Commissioner Scott Hall thanked SoCal Val for coming over to England to help him take WAW to the next level. Hall asked Val to find out as much information as she can about Ricky Knight as she can to help her new boss plan his next move.

5. James Mason defeated Ivan Trevors by two falls to one in a British Rules match is currently ongoing.
– Mason pinned Trevors in the second round.
– Mason submitted to Trevors in the fourth round.
– Mason pinned Trevors in the fifth round.

6. Team Bellatrix [Saraya Knight, Lory, Leia Elise and El Laluna] defeated Team RISE [Mercedes Martinez, Shotzi Blackheart, Delilah Doom and Dust] by pinfall when Lory pinned Doom.

7. Ricky Knight Jr defeated Roy Knight to win vacant WAW Television Championship. During the match several members of Sigma attacked Roy at ringside until RKJ and Ruffneck intervened to allow the match to continue.

8. Jack Swagger defeated Cody Hall by pinfall.

– Commissioner Scott Hall came out and handed his son Cody a microphone to exact revenge on Jack Swagger for striking the commissioner in the same way earlier. Cody connected the microphone with Swagger’s forehead before picking him back up for a vicious chokeslam. Swagger struggled to grab the microphone and challeged Cody to another match tomorrow night in Lowestoft.

9. Daivari defeated Nick Barnes by pinfall when he grabbed Barnes’ trunks.

10. The Phantom won the Survival match to become the #1 contender to the WAW Television Championship.

– The Phantom was celebrating his win in an interview with Farrah LaHavre when Television Champion Ricky Knight Jr stood toe to toe with his first challenger.


By Dan Nash