Season’s Beatings Evening Results – 09/12/17

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– Commissioner Scott Hall explained to someone on the phone that his plan was under way and that he has SoCal Val on board to make things run smoothly. After seeming rattled by the phone call Hall took a deep breath and sent an online message to Val to arrange her arrival in Norwich.

– SoCal Val arrived at Norwich train station and seemed disappointed that no one was there to pick her up. As she walked around the corner Commissioner Scott Hall picked her up in a taxi and she complained about having to use public transport. Hall showed Val a recent newspaper headline indicating that the Knight family are in disarray, and the two stated their intention to “find some dirt on the Knights”. Val pointed out that bringing down Ricky Knight would bring the whole family crumbling down. Hall noticed a clearly frustrated Farrah LaHavre leaving WAW House and implied that he has an idea involving LaHavre.

– In footage from earlier today, SoCal Val approached Farrah LaHavre and offered to help develop her confidence and abilities as a backstage interviewer.

1. Ruffneck (c) defeated Hallows, James Mason and Jimmy Ocean by pinfall when he pinned Ocean in a Four Corners to retain the WAW British Heavyweight Championship.

2. The Essex Boys [Paul Tyrrell & Phil Powers] defeated the Foji [Rishpal & Onkar Singh] when Tyrrell pinned Onkar.

– After missing out on the Under-23 Championship during our earlier show Commissioner Scott Hall chastised Sonny Smasher for once again failing to take advantage of the opportunities being given to him. Smasher asked for one more chance and Hall said that it will be the last chance he gets.

3. Ricky Knight Jr (c) defeated Sonny Smasher by pinfall to retain the WAW Television Championship.

4. Aaron Sharp defeated Kip Sabian by referee’s stoppage to win the vacant WAW European Heavyweight Championship when Sabian was declared unfit to continue.

– Alex Young made his way to the ring accompanied by the Phantom. Young complained about the fact that he hasn’t been given a match on either show tonight despite his accolades, and that he believes he and Phantom would be given more chances if their surnames were Knight. The pair announced their intention to occupy the ring until they get their way. Big J Johnson and Milky O’Hagan stood backstage discussing whether or not they should do something when they noticed Roy lying in the corner of the room drinking from a can. Roy stirred and looked ready for a fight only to be joined by his brother Zak, who announced that he’s “back” before the duo sprinted out to the ring.

5. The UK Hooligans [Zak & Roy Knight] defeated Alex Young & the Phantom by pinfall when Zak pinned Phantom in an unsactioned match.

– Commissioner Scott Hall chewed out Zak Knight for participating in an unsanctioned match. Zak responded that he could do whatever he wants because he’s the owner of WAW. Hall reminded him that the Knights had brought him in to run the show and that’s what he intends to do.

– Zak Knight told his father that they need to get rid of Commissioner Scott Hall. Ricky informed his son that they can’t do anything about Hall until his contract expires. Farrah LaHavre entered the room and handed Ricky his favourite drink with an entire lemon rather than a slice. The Rowdy Man thanked LaHavre for the drink anyway and the interviewer ruffled Ricky’s hair before she left. After LaHavre had left the room Zak questioned why she was flirting with his father despite seeming upset with them earlier.

6. Jonny Storm defeated Brad O’Brien, Brad Slayer, Chuck Cyrus, Ryan Smile and PJ Knight in a Steel Cage match when he escaped the cage.

– A recap from this afternoon’s four way main event aired. Titan and AWOL attacked Thunder resulting in a no contest. Commissioner Scott Hall announced that Titan and AWOL would join their Team EWW ally in a six man tag team match against Thunder, Bash, and Demolition Davies.

7. Thunder, Bash & Demolition Davies defeated Team EWW [Dominator, Titan & AWOL] by pinfall when Thunder pinned Titan.

– Skarlett and Dominator challenged Thunder to face Dominator in a singles match when we return to Epic Studios on February 10th.

– Old School attacked King Kendo and locked him in the service elevator.

– King Kendo failed to appear despite his entrance music playing. Tommy Lee with his enforcers Big J Johnson and SAS, distracted Old School as Kendo entered the ring from the crowd.

8. King Kendo with Tommy Lee and Midas Security defeated Ricky Knight with Old School by two falls to one in a British Rules match to win the vacant WAW Undisputed World Heavyweight Championship.
– Kendo pinned Ricky in the third round.
– Ricky pinned Kendo in the fifth round.
– Referee Scott Edgar banned Old School from ringside in the sixth round.
– Kendo pinned Ricky in the seventh round.

– Commissioner Scott Hall awarded the brand new WAW Undisputed World Heavyweight Championship belt to King Kendo. Several members of the WAW roster came out to ringside to congratulate Kendo on his victory.

– Farrah LaHavre interviewed new Undisputed World Heavyweight champion King Kendo and manager Tommy Lee. Lee said that Kendo is proud of his victory and looks forward to being the World champion for a very long time.


By Dan Nash