Season’s Beatings Afternoon Results – 09/12/17

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– Commissioner Scott Hall explained to someone on the phone that his plan was under way and that he has SoCal Val on board to make things run smoothly.  After seeming rattled by the phone call Hall took a deep breath and sent an online message to Val to arrange her arrival in Norwich.

– SoCal Val arrived at Norwich train station and seemed disappointed that no one was there to pick her up. As she walked around the corner Commissioner Scott Hall picked her up in a taxi and she complained about having to use public transport. Hall showed Val a recent newspaper headline indicating that the Knight family are in disarray, and the two stated their intention to “find some dirt on the Knights”. Val pointed out that bringing down Ricky Knight would bring the whole family crumbling down. Hall noticed a clearly frustrated Farrah LaHavre leaving WAW House and implied that he has an idea involving LaHavre.

1. Jonny Storm defeated Brad O’Brien (c), Chuck Cyrus, Kip Sabian and Ryan Smile by pinfall when he pinned Smile to win the WAW Open Light Heavyweight Championship.

– Chuck Cyrus attacked Ryan Smile after the match. Brad Slayer ran in to break up the fight while PJ Knight blindsided new champion Jonny Storm. Commissioner Scott Hall intervened to stop the two fights and regained control by ordering all four men to compete in a steel cage match on tonight’s show.

2. Ricky Knight defeated Rishpal Singh with Onkar Singh by pinfall when he used the ropes for leverage to advance to the WAW32 tournament final.

– Hallows ambushed King Kendo as he made his way to the ring. Timekeeper Ryan Richards was escorted backstage by medical staff after getting caught in the way of Hallows and Kendo as they brawled around the ring.

3. King Kendo with Tommy Lee defeated Hallows by pinfall to advance to the WAW32 tournament final.

– Farrah LaHavre interviewed King Kendo about his victory over Hallows. Kendo’s manager Tommy Lee stated that Kendo has been training for this opportunity for months, but that the attack by Hallows may have caused too much damage for Kendo to even compete in tonight’s final.

– In footage from earlier today, SoCal Val approached Farrah LaHavre and offered to help develop her confidence and abilities as a backstage interviewer.

4. Roy Knight defeated Hakan by pinfall.

5. Team WAW [Brad Slayer, James Mason, Milky O’Hagan & Paddy Taggart] defeated Sigma [Morningstar, Gorgon, Skeletor & the Mummy] by pinfall when Mason pinned Skeletor.

6. Ruffneck defeated Kenny Killbaine by two falls to none in a British Rules match to win the vacant WAW British Heavyweight Championship.
– Ruffneck pinned Killbaine in the third round.
– Ruffneck pinned Killbaine in the fifth round.

– Commissioner Scott Hall came out with the British Heavyweight title belt and awarded it to Ruffneck.

7. Battlekat CT defeated PJ Knight (c) and Sonny Smasher in a Ladder match to win the WAW Under-23 Championship.

– Zak Knight congratulated all three competitors on their performance as Battlekat CT celebrated his title victory with his father.

– Commissioner Scott Hall chastised Sonny Smasher for once again failing to take advantage of the opportunities being given to him. Smasher asked for one more chance and Hall said that it will be the last chance he gets.

8. Ricky Knight Jr (c) defeated The Phantom by pinfall to retain the WAW Television Championship.

– KOSS Industries bullied Saraya Knight backstage until Tony Knight joined her. Kosta K and Prince Malik were shocked that there was another Knight and quickly fled.

9. KOSS Industries [Costa K & Prince Malik] defeated Saraya Knight & Tony Knight by pinfall when Kosta pinned Tony after a low blow.

– KOSS Industries called out Zak Knight during their post-match interview with Farrah LaHavre only to be blindsided by an angry Saraya Knight.

10. Dominator versus Thunder versus Bash versus Demolition Davies ended in a no contest when Team EWW interfered in the match.

– Commissioner Scott Hall announced that Team EWW will face Thunder, Bash, and Demolition Davies in a six man tag team match tonight.


By Dan Nash