North Walsham Full Card Preview – 28/05/17

Ricky Knight versus PJ Knight
Ricky Knight and Old School were firmly embarassed earlier this month, both losing control over the World Tag Team titles following Ricky Knight Jr’s abandonment of tag team partner Alex Young, and failing to capture the Undisputed World Heavyweight title from champion Alberto El Patron in a Street Fight. Ricky Sr looks to end the month on a high note by teaching a lesson to grandson PJ Knight, who will have to hope that he doesn’t fight through Old School interference to the same degreefaced by El Patron in defence of his belt.

Ricky Knight Jr versus Aaron Sharp
Ricky Knight Jr has been always been eager to challenge WAW’s top competitors and often proves capable of taking them to their limits. The former Open Light Heavyweight Champion once again gained respect for his father Roy Knight after an awe-inspiring match between the two which led Ricky Jr to aid the UK Hooligans in recapturing the World Tag Team titles from Old School at Epic Studios earlier this month, and now looking to gain the respect of British Heavyweight Champion Aaron Sharp in this non-title match.

King Kendo versus Keegan
The ring will shake as these two heavyweights clash inside the ring and fists will fly when both men try to knock the other down to gain a huge advantage in this match. The apparent demise of the Midas Stable means that Keegan may be entering into this match without support for the first time in while but that could drive him to make a statement by taking out a former European Heavyweight Champion here.

Alex Young versus Robin Lekime
After seemingly destroying the Midas Stable from the inside, European Heavyweight Champion Robin Lekime once again becomes a threat to all who get in his way regardless of allegiances. Old School’s Alex Young will need to take advantage of his almost unmatched high flying skills to avoid being mowed down by the raging Belgian Bull.

Lory and El Laluna versus Innocence and Leia Elise
Lory may have lost her Bellatrix World title to Alex Windsor earlier this month but her desire to reclaim the gold could light a fire underneath her as she builds momentum once more. The combination of Lory and El Laluna have more tag team success than their opponent but Innocence’s sheer power and the quick thinking Leia Elise are certainly capable of turning the tables.

Jimmy Ocean versus Sonny Smasher
Another true example of the battle between Old School and the new, younger generation takes place when Sonny Smasher challenges the wiley veteran Jimmy Ocean. Smasher has become one of WAW’s most standout young wrestlers but many Academy graduates have learned their craft under the tutelage of under trainers who were themselves tutored by Old School wrestlers, meaning that Ocean is almost guaranteed to have a few tricks up his sleeve.


By Dan Nash