Nick Aldis Returning To WAW

WAW Academy graduate and former World Heavyweight Champion Nick Aldis officially makes his return to his original home promotion on December 16th alongside his wife Mickie James as the two look to make an impact on his former stomping ground and its sister promotion Bellatrix Female Warriors. Aldis has not been seen in WAW since making the move to the United States eight years ago, where he became world renowned as the first Briton to be recognised as World Heavyweight Champion by an American promotion. Aldis’ return has already led to three separate challengers submitting themselves to the Championship Committee as a result of their desire to be the King’s Lynn local’s first opponent upon his return to the company, all of whom would be formidable opponents.

Fellow former World Heavyweight Champion Erik Isaksen was the first to submit his challenge. Isaksen was the reigning World Heavyweight Champion when Aldis departed for the US but the two now find themselves on equal footing.

The second challenge was submitted by reigning European Heavyweight Champion King Kendo. The Kendo Dojo prides itself on being one of the more dominant forces within WAW and it’s master may believe that the returning Aldis poses a threat to that dominance. By requesting the match himself, Kendo does not have to put his title on the line should he be selected as Aldis’ opponent in December.

Finally, former European Heavyweight Champion and Midas Stable member Robin Lekime has also put forth the challenge. The Belgian Bull would undoubtedly find joy in taking out the former Gladiator and making his employer Tommy Lee proud going into 2017.

The WAWCC is continuing to accept offers from the roster to face Aldis but will eventually set a deadline in order to announce the match ahead of the huge TV5 weekend taking place over December 16th and 17th.

By Dan Nash