Lowestoft Results – 10/12/17

1. Brad Slayer defeated Kenny Killbaine by pinfall.

2. Axl Lynch versus PJ Knight ended in a double countout.

3. Steve Quintain, Keegan and Jason Digby defeated Sigma [Hallows, Morningstar and Villman] by pinfall when Quintain pinned Morningstar.

4. Ricky Knight defeated Zak Knight by pinfall when Commissioner Scott Hall distracted Zak.

– Commissioner Scott Hall reminded Zak Knight that he hasn’t been medically cleared to compete yet.

5. Domita defeated Innocence by pinfall.

6. The Phantom defeated Ivan Trevors by pinfall when he used the ropes for leverage.

7. Kip Sabian defeated Jonny Storm and Ricky Knight Jr by pinfall when he pinned RKJ.


By Dan Nash