Jack Swagger Appearing in September

Former World Heavyweight Champion Jack Swagger will finally be making his long awaited debut this September during the TV8 weekend. Swagger was initially scheduled to appear in March but contractual issues prevented him from making the journey to the UK.  The identity of Swagger’s eventual opponents will be announced at a future date.

In addition to appearing at Epic Studios in Norwich on September 16th Swagger will also be joining us in Lowestoft at The Aquarium the following day. Current Undisputed World Heavyweight Champion Alberto El Patron has a lot of history with Swagger; the two having battled in front of millions of people all over the world. With Swagger originally set to face then-World Champion Brad Slayer for the title we could be set to see a huge rematch between these two international superstars. Chris Masters, Swagger’s replacement in that match, claimed the belt from Slayer before losing it to El Patron at our evening event later that night. Since then El Patron has successfully defended the title against Old School leader Ricky Knight in a Street Fight which saw The UK Hooligans foil Old School’s attempt to beat the champion to a pulp.

Equally, European Heavyweight Champion Robin Lekime would also be a hugely interesting opponent for Swagger’s first ever WAW match due to their similar wrestling styles and a shared affinity for suplexes. Lekime has proven himself to be one of the best heavyweights in WAW and always relishes the chance to show off his abilities against the best competitors the world has to offer.

Tickets for the event can be purchased by clicking here.


By Dan Nash