Ipswich Preview – 30/06/17

Sigma [Amarah and Innocence] versus Saraya Knight and Lory
Saraya Knight and Lory team up to defend the pride of Bellatrix against the biggest threat it has ever faced. Sigma so far been a dominant force in both WAW and Bellatrix, and the duo of Amarah and Innocence will be looking to send a message to two of Bellatrix’s top wrestlers that they are in control now.

Robin Lekime versus Bash
Two former Midas teammates will clash as European Heavyweight Champion Robin Lekime seeks to eradicate any evidence of the now disbanded group. Bash has already found new allies in Old School and will want to send a message to the Bull that his new group are more powerful than Midas ever was, and that he has his eyes set on Lekime’s championship gold.

Jason Digby versus Big J Johnson
Big J Johnson’s pursuit of the Academy title has so far only been thwarted by the current champion’s rule breaking tactics but, as far as Jason Digby is concerned, everything is an option when it comes to keeping hold of his belt. The two will face each other once again as Johnson looks to overcome the odds and finally gained a deserved victory over the champion.

Sonny Smasher versus Brad O’Brien
Both of these talented young wrestlers have already captured titles in their budding careers and have proven themselves as ones to watch as their careers progress. Bragging rights are on the line in this contest as Brad O’Brien returns from a brief injury and these two future superstars look to gain the upper hand as they try to position themselves as title contenders.

Villman versus Marvel Marcus
Villman and Marvel Marcus have faced each other several times in the past, with the never-say-die attitude of Marcus taking the cold, calculating Norwegian to his limits. In the past, however, Villman has been able to rely on support from teammates providing interference and may need to pull out all the stops to keep the ever energetic Marcus down for the three count.

Sigma [Hallows and The Morning Star] versus The Battlekats [PJ Knight and Battlekat CT]
The Battlekats have continued to showcase their die hard faith in WAW by protecting it from all who wish to disrupt the company’s commitment to entertaining the fans. The latest challenge to this image can be found in the form of Sigma, whose ghoulish members are known for using their size and number advantages to combat the almost unmatched spirit exhibited by the Battlekats.

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By Dan Nash