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Injury Updates – November 2017

Mitchell Starr is currently in recovery after a successful knee operation. Recovery and physical rehabilitation are expected to take approximately 18 months, giving the former Open Light Heavyweight champion an estimated return date of May 2019. Zak Knigh

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Boston Results – 19/11/17

1. Brad Slayer defeated Aaron Sharp by pinfall. 2. Brad O’Brien defeated Will Kroos by pinfall. 3. Sigma [Hallows and Morningstar] defeated The Metalheads [Axl Lynch and Max Rotten] by pinfall when Hallows pinned Lynch. Morningstar and Rotten were b

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Aylsham Results – 18/11/17

1. Keegan defeated Nemesis by pinfall. 2. Max Rotten defeated PJ Knight by pinfall. 3. Finley defeated Batlekat CT by submission. 4. King Kendo defeated Bash by pinfall. 5. Axl Lynch defeated Gorgon by pinfall. 6. Aaron Sharp defeated Hakan by pinfall. 7.

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