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Ipswich Preview – 17/02/17

Jonny Storm and Jody Fleisch have shared a wrestling ring many times over the years as both opponents and tag team partners almost as frequently as each other. Most of their matches often boil down to an array of exciting oneupmanship and this contest wil

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Ipswich Results 23/09/16

1. Mitchell Starr defeated Sam Knee with Innocence by pinfall. – Midas Stable manager Tommy Lee explained that Big J Johnson was the biggest joke of all his employers and that he would be made an example of by a real Midas representative. 2. Robin L

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Ipswich 23/09/16 Preview

Ipswich’s own Dayle Saunders makes his debut this Friday in the biggest way possible when he joins World Tag Team Champions The UK Hooligans to take on Before Old School at the Foxhall Community Centre. The Hooligans have been drilling Saunders all

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