Beccles Preview – 28/10/17


Sigma [Hallows and Morningstar] versus Big J Johnson and Keegan
Big J Johnson and Keegan team up to take on the World Tag Team champions in a non-title match. Though the pair have little experience working together a strong performance against the champions could grant them a chance to challenge for the titles at a later date. But Sigma has established itself as one of the most dominant forces in the history of WAW and will be difficult for Johnson and Keegan to overcome without working together.

Roy Knight versus Alex Young
Roy Knight takes on his former student Alex Young once again. Though Roy has frequently advocated for the highly talented cruiserweight, Young often flaunts his mentor’s support in favour of breaking the rules to prove himself superior by any means necessary. Despite this, Roy often tries to teach the Chosen One a lesson that good sportsmanship is often the better path and rule breaking does no favours.

Ricky Knight Jr versus Jason Digby
Champion faces champion as Academy champion Jason Digby meets Television champion Ricky Knight Jr in a non-title contest. Digby has recently benefitted from a good relationship with referee Dean Hines but the Knight Dynasty has been keen to prevent this relationship from taking priority over fairness, and RKJ will be looking to make sure that Digby doesn’t get too big for his boots.

King Kendo versus Jimmy Ocean
Former European Heavyweight champion King Kendo takes on the veteran Jimmy Ocean in singles action. Kendo recently qualified for the second round of the WAW32 tournament after beating Bash despite the best efforts of World Tag Team champion Hallows. The masked bruiser will have to remain wary during his match against the Gentleman, not just due to Ocean’s immense knowledge of the art of wrestling, but also because Hallows will also be lurking in Beccles this Saturday.

Innocence versus Leia Elise
Though they have recently teamed together several times, Beccles will see Innocence and Leia Elise go one on one in what will surely be a bruising encounter. Both Bellatrix warriors will be looking to make their presence known with the crowning of a new Bellatrix World champion come December, with the winner edging one step closer to being given an opportunity to claim the gold.

Ricky Knight versus PJ Knight
Two generations of Knights go head to head as Knight Dynasty patriarch Ricky Knight takes on the youngest active member of the legendary wrestling family, Under-23 champion PJ Knight. PJ recently faced his uncle Roy in singles competition, a match which resulted in a disqualification loss due when SAS and Villman attacked the elder Knight. This week PJ faces another senior family member, taking on his grandfather.


By Dan Nash