Attleborough Preview – 30/09/17

Ricky Knight versus Mr Hanmudo
Martial arts expert Mr Hanmudo takes on former World Heavyweight champion and Old School leader Ricky Knight. Hanmudo may benefit from lightning fast reflexes, powerful strikes, and deadly submission skills, but the Rowdy Man’s 30 year career has given him enough time to learn every trick in the book, and then write the next few chapters. This match will be a true test of Hanmudo’s abilities as he takes on one of British wrestling’s all-time greats.

Gorgon versus Kenny Sheridan
Kenny Sheridan displays a strong passion for the sport of wrestling by taking on even the greatest challenges, as proven by his recent encounters with Sigma. Sigma member Gorgon is the latest frightful individual to loom over Sheridan and will be looking to assert his physical dominance in this match.

Paddy Taggart versus Jason Digby
Former Academy Champion Paddy Taggart looks to channel his newfound fun-loving personality to rally support against current Academy Champion Jason Digby. Digby, on the other hand, could be looking for the opportunity to cement himself at the top of the Academy roster by beating the man he first beat to win the title earlier this year.

Roy Knight versus Drew Marshall
Roy Knight looks to continue his latest singles run following the unfortunate hiatus of the UK Hooligans with Zak Knight’s injuries. His opponent Drew Marshall will have to overcome perhaps the most innovative British wrestler of the modern era should he wish to walk out of this contest, but the Scotsman is known for having enough tricks in his arsenal to surprise even top wrestlers.

Sigma [Hallows & Morningstar] versus The Battlekats [PJ Knight & Battlekat CT]
The Attleborough crowd will receive the privilege of seeing a clash of the champions after both duos captured tag team gold earlier this month. World Tag Team champions Sigma will benefit from a size advantage and, perhaps more importantly, remain on the same page unlike their opponents. The Battlekats have maintained an uneasy partnership despite PJ Knight choosing glory above all else. Though this may have resulted in the young team capturing the ECTA Tag Team titles, questions remain over just how long they will be able to continue co-operating.

Innocence versus Violet O’Hara
Innocence and Violet O’Hara meet in a rematch from last week’s event in Ipswich which saw former Bellatrix British champion O’Hara leave the ring victorious. Sigma’s Innocence will be eager to even the score, and may use brute force to cut off her more experienced opponent before the Pocket Princess can repeat last week’s result.

Ricky Knight Jr versus Alex Young
Two former tag team partners go head to head as Alex Young takes on the inaugural Television champion in a non-title match. Though the two have met in singles action already this year, this contest sees them no longer fighting alongside each other for Old School, making the stakes much higher as both men put their pride on the line. Additionally, though the Phantom is the first in line for a title show at Epic Studios on December 9th, a victory here for the Chosen One could put him in a prime position to challenge for the gold in 2018.


By Dan Nash