Academy Show Results – 19/11/17

1. Keegan defeated Milky O’Hagan by submission.

2. Jason Digby defeated Nemesis by pinfall after a low blow and using the ropes for leverages.

3. Jordan Rolfe defeated Finley by pinfall.

4. PJ Knight (c) defeated Sonny Smasher by pinfall when he held Smasher’s tights to retain the WAW Under-23 Championship.

– Sonny Smasher called PJ Knight a disgrace to the family because he can’t win without cheating. PJ argued that he didn’t need his family’s acceptance unlike a fake Knight like Sonny. Smasher flew into a rage, attacking his adopted cousin until the roster came out to keep the two teenagers separate. Saraya Knight called her husband in Boston to agree on how to resolve the bad blood between Sonny and PJ, announcing that the Under-23 title would be on the line in a ladder match at Epic Studios in Norwich on December 9th in a three way match featuring the two and PJ’s Battlekats tag team partner, Battlekat CT.

5. Paddy Taggart defeated Gorgon by pinfall.

6. Destiny won an 8 Warrior Bellatrix Battle Royal last eliminating Madison Lee and Imogen. The match also featured Abbie, Lil Monster, Annabelle, Mary Cox and Ayisha. During the match Lil Monster and Annabelle were both counted out.

– Saraya Knight made her way to ringside to ask Destiny whether her greatest adversary was back for good after a long absence from WAW and Bellatrix. Destiny implied that she was back for good, and is eyeing up the vacant Bellatrix World Championship.

7. SAS versus Big J Johnson ended in a draw when both men pinned each other.

– Nemesis joined Big J Johnson and SAS in the ring and suggested re-uniting as a trio to fight back against Sigma. Johnson eagerly accepted but SAS remained hesitant before returning backstage without answering.

8. The Foji [Onkar and Rishpal Singh] defeated Sigma [Villman and the Mummy] and the Metalheads [Ox Mason and McKraken] by pinfall when Rish pinned Villman.

– Villman and the Mummy attacked the Foji after the Metalheads had congratulated them and headed backstage. The two Sigma members continued their assault until Tommy Lee’s music hit. Lee made his way out accompanied by Nemesis and Big J Johnson, followed by SAS, with all three in their old Midas Security tactical gear. Villman and the Mummy fled out of the building as the four men entered the ring and helped the Foji to their feet. Lee announced that the Midas Stable was back to fight back against Sigma and Old School and offered the Foji a place in his reformed group, an offer which the Singh brothers happily accepted.


By Dan Nash