Academy Show Results – 08/10/17

Full results from the WAW Academy show at the Breckland Centre in Costessey on Sunday 8th October 2017. The event featured ten matches.

1. Max Rotten defeated Dave Daniels, Marvel Marcus, Ryan Richards, Nick James, Keegan and Sonny Smasher in an Elimination match by last eliminating Smasher.
– Marcus submitted to Keegan.
– Smasher pinned James.
– Keegan pinned Richards.
– Keegan pinned Daniels.
– Rotten pinned Keegan.
– Rotten pinned Smasher.

2. Violet O’Hara defeated Karama by pinfall.

3. Morningstar defeated Nemesis by knockout.

4. King Kendo defeated Alex Young with Leia Elise by pinfall.

5. Roy Knight defeated Dean Hines by disqualification after Alex Young hit him with the ring bell. Roy started the match with one arm tied behind his back but the restraint broke during the match. Young also threw powder in Roy’s face before the match began.

– Dean Hines pushed David Finch to stop him from pulling Alex Young away from his attack on Roy Knight. Tommy Lee unexpectedly appeared and saved Roy from Young by clotheslining the Chosen One out of the ring. Lee then explained that, though he and Roy hadn’t seen eye to eye for many years, the two had once been close friends and that it was time to bury the hatchet as he volunteered to team with Roy at Saturday’s event for Zak Knight. Roy announced that the team they will be facing consists of Alex Young and Dean Hines, with Hines being forced to enter that night’s rumble in the #1 spot whilst wearing a dress should the team lose. Though Young declared that he would not be attending and refused to participate in the match, he was reminded that he would be fired for violating his contract if he does so.

6. Milky O’Hagan defeated The Phantom, Jason Digby and Big J Johnson in a Four Corners match by pinfall when he pinned Johnson.

– Milky O’Hagan apologised to Big J Johnson for surprising him with a roll up and the two hugged in the middle of the ring. As O’Hagan celebrated his win, Johnson rolled his tag team partner up from behind and counted his own pinfall. The two then laughed and hugged again.

7. Aaron Sharp defeated Alex Cupid by pinfall.

8. Peter Nixon defeated Brad O’Brien by pinfall.

– Peter Nixon pointed out that he is yet to receive his Open Light Heavyweight title rematch against Brad O’Brien and that this victory showed why he deserves it. Nixon then requested that the WAW Championship Committee schedule another match between the two, this time with the title on the line, for Friday’s event in Thetford.

9. Paddy Taggart, Dancing Damo, Kasey and The Foji [Rish and Onkar Singh] defeated Old School [Jimmy Ocean, Steve Quintain, Ivan Trevors, Bash and Hot Stuff] by pinfall when the Foji double pinned Trevors and Hot Stuff.

10. Ricky Knight Jr defeated Hallows by pinfall. During the match, Morningstar and Gorgon attacked RKJ but the Television champion was able to fend them off.

– Morningstar and Gorgon resumed their assault on Ricky Knight Jr until they fled at the sight of Roy Knight. Roy challenged the Sigma trio to a six man tag team match at Thetford as he invited his own father Ricky Knight to join the existing father/son duo. The elder Knight accepted this invitation, signalling a possible ceasefire between Old School and the younger generation of wrestlers led by the UK Hooligans.


By Dan Nash